Lena Rules!!!

Okay everyone! I have two reveiws so far! These are the best two places I've ever been to!

Orlando, Florida

Everyone has been here some piont and time! If you haven't your missing out on alot! You can go to Disney, Universal, or Sea World! Although it is full of happiness and dreams the rates can be a little pricey. But you better go before its too late and expensive!!! The tourist traffic is high and that's because of the families attracted to this kind of place! Orlando has many cultures down there and foods. You can have Mexican one night and Chinese the next! Overall, this trip at the most can be a 8/10. Or an 80%!

St. Lucia

St. Lucia was great! It was warm, fun and sunny! The hotel was called The Coconut Bay Resortand Spa! It was an all inclusive deal! That means order what you want,eat what you want it is all included. The rating of service was 5 stars out of 5 stars. Truly a trip to remember! The tourist traffic was quite low, but that's because the total trip was $1285! It seems high but think of going to an island and staying at a regular hotel. The prices are for airfair, hotel stay, food and beverage, and for activites. At CBRS, all is included! So that is actually very good! Overall, this trip is a 10/10! Or 100% of paradise!